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"The goal is to document your day with spontaneous and beautiful images. "
Message from Mike:
Wedding Coverage

My background and experience is largely as a photojournalist, and after shooting many weddings using a traditional studio approach, my weddings have evolved to be very journalistic in nature.

Working with you to determine specific key areas and individuals, I then shoot extensively throughout the day, usually starting with bridal preparations and following the activity through the reception. My style is to concentrate on the candid and semi-candid images.

Working in advance with you I determine specific groups or other photographs for inclusion, but most importantly I work to get a feeling about you and your wedding, and to then apply that feeling as I create unique images and albums during and after the big day.

I have worked diligently over many years to develop a “low impact” method of covering weddings--if I need something in order to get the best photographs I will ask for it, but usually I can maintain a very low profile. My goal is to document your day with spontaneous and beautiful images. I strive to do this without intruding, delaying or running the day for you. Many of the best images would simply not occur if I employed a more heavy handed approach.

On the technical side, wherever possible I use very quiet Leica equipment. Beyond being very fast and quiet, Leica optics are recognized as absolutely the highest quality available. While some amount of flash is usually required, I keep it to a minimum and use it in concert with the existing light.

Start Over

Several years ago I made the decision to do all darkroom work and print all enlargements for wedding albums personally, as in this way I can continue to apply that feeling that I develop about you and your wedding to the production of your prints and albums. I have had access to some very fine darkroom
professionals, but communication of this nature is difficult and
even under ideal conditions the work often falls short of my expectations.


Michael Gillispie Studios